Discovery area in the pre school wing
Kindergarten wing

Discovery Area In The Pre School Wing

Science and sensory area

In this area we help the child hands on exploration activities and children learn about basic science concepts using simple materials and experiments.

Dramatic area

Here children explore language and social skils by playing and cooperating with each other , acting out events from their daily lives and their vivid imagination.

Creatives Area

Children express themselves imaginatively and build skills and confidence using tools and materials in this discovery.

Now let’s visit the kindergarten wing of wonder LKG & Wonder UKG

Wonder LKG:

In the wonder LKG program emphasis is on enphasis is on encouraging children to realize their inner potential while learning and growing at their own pace. Beside, they are motivated to observe and be aware of the environment around them stress is also laid on activities that promote to language development and instill confidence in the children to verbalize their thoughts, feelings and impressions of the world around them.

Wonder UKG:

In the wonder UKG program, emphasis is laid on building vocabulary and applying the concepts which the children have already learnt in wonder LKG. Children learn to read and write, using innovative learning methods and tools designed specially for this age group. Complex subjects like math are taught using a child-centric approach, considering individual capacities and capabilities.

The focus of this program is on enhancing the attention span of the children with a view to accelerate their learning process and prepare them for extensive studies in the future.

Discovery Area In Kindergarten Wing

We have a provision for developing special ‘discovery area’, which are set up as per the curriculum requirements to help your child's 'discover' and 'learn'.

Painting & College

This area has been designed to bring your child’s creative talents to the fore. It is the canvas on which your child gives expression to his imagination, putting it on paper with sketch pens, colors, textures & mediums and in the process develop sharp eye-hand coordination, fine motor coordination and writing readiness’.

Clay art & Moulding

It’s here that our believe in the touch, explore, learn and enjoy’ approach of learning is put into practice. Children are given clay and tought to bring their imagination to life using the art of moulding.

Reading & Writing

Listening, speaking, reading and writing together constitute the most basic and important part of a child’s learning process. At wonder LKG & UKG, we ensure that your child is strong with his reading and writing basics. After all, it is the very foundation on which the tall rower of knowledge will stand for a life time.

Qualified & Intensively Trained Staff

A lot of attention is paid to the quality of staff employed at wonder play school. Each of our faculties is qualified and trained to impart education in a friendly and innovative manner. Besides, they undergo regular “in service training” that helps them keep abreast with the latest trends in teaching and early childhood development.

Encouraging Parent’s Participation

We have a unique family partnership program whereby the child’s family member partners him in the learning process. We send periodic feedback to keep the parents informed about the child’s performance in the pre school. Besides, to encourage the family’s active participation. We keep organizing events and program throughout the year in which parents can also take part and enjoy with their child!.

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