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Dev Academy Wonder Play School , Kushwaha Market , Near Bus Depot , Hasari , Jhansi


Our Features

➢ Value based education

➢ Pollution free environment

➢ Large playground

➢ Emphasis on Indian culture and tradition

➢ School transport available

➢ Co-curricular activities

➢ Special counselling and guidance

➢ Dedicated Mature and Experience staff

About the School

We believe that learning should take place in a happy, caring and stimulating environment in which staff, children, parents and the local community have important roles to play. To this end we aim: to provide a happy, caring environment in which both children and adults feel secure and valued, where they will find satisfaction and pleasure in their work and where learning will flourish. 

From the Desk Of

Dr Manorama Mishra

I welcome all the new students to our school in the coming session. I wish you all the best and I am sure that you will feel proud to be the part of this “Prestigious Institution”. I whole hearted Co-cooperation and mutual understanding between parents and the school helps to contribute the smooth and successful functioning of the school, it provides the utmost harmonies development to the personality of the child. Naturally Parents think about their own children but the school has to take into consideration the all around development of all the children at large .To achieve this great objective there is need of certain rules and regulation laid by the school.

We expect all the parents to co-operate the school administration by following the school rules for the progress of their children.

Dev academy wonder school attracts the best talent, students and teachers from all part of city and nearby places without distinction of race, religion, caste, and social status.

DR D K Mishra

This is the first time your child will be stepping out of your home ans the shadow of your doing care , so it’s imporatnt to ensure that he feels at home in wha wll be his first outside the home environment . At wonder play school , we’ve taken special care to provide an environment that is stimulating and helps in your child’s overall growth

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Dev Academy Wonder Play School , Kushwala Market , Near Bus Stand , Hasari , Jhansi

+91 9889697677


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Dev Academy Wonder Play School , Kushwala Market , Near Bus Stand , Hasari , Jhansi

+91 9889697677


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